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King James II of Scotland was presumably a human man, and the 2017 Continuum's counterpart to King James II.


King James reigned over Scotland in the 15th century. One of his decisions was to ban golf in 1457 because of the violent outbursts of its creator, Sir Donald McDuck — a decision that, of course, was later repealed, though in the meantime, it had led Scottish druids who were fond of the game to create a Fairy Realm where they could continue to play unhindered, a realm upon which Scrooge McDuck and family later stumbled.

Behind the scenes

James II of Scotland was a real-life figure from French history, mentioned in Don Rosa's unpublished History of the Clan McDuck alongside Sir Donald McDuck; his 2017 Continuum version was mentioned in 2017 in The Missing Links of Moorshire.