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King Nevvawaza was a male anthropomorphic dog.


During his life, the abrasive and proud King Nevvawaza ruled Itsa Faka around 3000 B.C. , as the Imperial Potentate of Itsa Faka and Adjoining Sub-Divisions. He, his family and retinue were turned into dust by the Driers at their own request to avoid public shame when Prince Cad Ali Cad refused to marry his daughter, Princess Needa Bara Soapa. The ashes of Nevvawaza, his daughter and his retinue were kept in a single Dust Bowl in the crypt below the Royal Palace, and Itsa Faka was eventually buried beneath the sands by a sandstorm.

In 1950, it was unearthed by a Mad Scientist (who was forcing Donald Duck and Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck to help him at gunpoint) intent on discovering the secrets of the Driers. The Scientist had recreated the Solution which could revive dried Itsa Fakans, and used it to resurrect the King, the Princess and their guards. To the Scientist's dismay, the forceful and commanding King refused to answer any of his questions about what the drying process was, instead trying to force the marriage between Needa and Cad Ali Cad to go ahead, albeit millennia too late.

This did not come to pass, however, as (after the resurrected Cad Ali Cad made a temporary escape from the Palace anyway) the Scientist did get his hands on a jar of Radium Vapor: with it accidentally breaking open, Nevvawaza and the other ancient Persians were returned to dust and scattered in the ruins, alongside the murderous Scientist. Nevvawaza was at peace with this turn of events, having realized that the rest of his empire was long-gone anyway and deeming the life of a commoner not worth living.

Behind the scenes

King Nevvawaza appears as a major character in Carl Barks's 1950 mock-epic In Ancient Persia. The name "Nevvawaza" (a clear pun on "Never was a") recalls that of Nebuchadnezzar, a ruler of ancient Babylon.