Nevvawaza is a minor character and antagonist of the Transitional Era.


During his life, King Nevvawaza ruled at possibly around 3000 BC in the Proto-Elamite period of Iranian history, as the Imperial Potentate of Itsa Faka and Andjoining Sub-Divisions.

He was turned into dust when Prince Cad Ali Cad refused to marry his daughter.


A certain Scientist, looking to control the world, abducts Donald and his nephews to use as helpers, in order to dig the palace of Itsa Faka, in Persia.

After excavating the palace, the scientist finds a royal bathtub and the dust of the members of a royal family. With some chemical reactions, he manages to revive the king and his daughter. They were turned to dust because an Prince Cad Ali Cad denied to marry the daughter, and the entire wedding party was dessicated to dust rather than face public scandal.

The king initially mistakes Donald for the ancient prince. Huey, Dewey and Louie tell the king that he is not a prince, but their uncle, only to be grabbed and ordered not to touch the king. The scientist, in reviving King Nevawaza and his daughter, also inadvertendtly revived four soldiers. The boys then go to the drying room and find the bowl containing the real prince's dust, and revive him using the same formula. True to form, Prince Cad Ali Cad is an exact double of Donald. In the confusion, the king orders that both ducks be thrown in the dungeon, with a deathmatch tomorrow, the winner of whom with marry the princess. Dewey, Louie and Huey know that Donald will lose either way and free him from the dungeon. When they get to the surface, Donald starts saying strange things about the desert, such as how it used to be green meadows, only for the nephews to realize they broke the wrong man out of prison. Donald is about to get married, when the mad scientist intervenes. He has found the secret substance that turns people to dust. Donald attacks him and the seal, where the vapor was, breaks.

The king, his daughter, his retinue and the scientist turn into dust, with Donald surviving because he hid within the pool.


  • The name "Nevvawaza" may be inspired by "Nebuchadnezzar", who was a ruler of Babylon.
  • "Nevvawaza" is also a distortion of the phrase "Never was", implying the clearly fictional role of him.
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