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King Richard I of England, known as King Richard the Lionheart, was an anthropomorphic lion.


A boisterous monarch with a jolly disposition, King Richard the Lionheart was the King of England in the second half of the 11th century. Beloved by his niece and ward Maid Marian, King Richard had also been favored by his mother over his scrawnier, whinier sibling John. This led Prince John to scheme with his advisor Sir Hiss. John had Hiss hypnotize Richard, planting the idea in his mind to join the Crusades — with his departure leaving John free reign over the land, which his greed made him plunder mercilessly through absurdly high taxes. John was, however, opposed by Marian's fiancé Robin Hood, and eventually suffered a full mental breakdown, shortly after which King Richard returned, giving his blessing to the marriage of Robin and Marian.

Behind the scenes

King Richard, loosely based on the historical figure, was mentioned or feature in many Disney retellings of the Robin Hood story, making his definitive appearance in the 1973 Robin Hood film.

Voice Actors

  • Peter Ustinov (Robin Hood)