King Tut-Em-Snoozem, also known as the Sleeping King or by the nicknamed of “Snoozy”, is a male anthropomorphic dog who later became a mummy whoseu undead status is somewhat questionable.


King Tut-Em-Snoozem was a short-lived Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, a contemporary and close acquaintance of Queen Cleopatra. He was a fun-loving sort with a tendency to fall asleep at parties, leading him to be nicknamed “Snoozy” by the royal court.

During one particularly boring party organized by Cleopatra, Tut-Em-Snoozem fell into a such a deep sleep that he was believed to have died; mummified and entombed, he wound up two thousand years later in the Mouseton Museum of Really Old Stuff, where he was finally awoken by Mickey Mouse's sneeze.

Initially put-off by the modern world, Snoozy, who somehow knew how to speak English, was finally convinced not to return to his deathlike sleep by the discovery of bubble-gum. So great was the resurrected pharaoh's newfound taste for the stuff that he got a job (as an insurance policy salesman) just so he could buy more for himself.

Behind the scenesEdit

King Tut-Em-Snoozen appears as the titular character of the 1994 Mickey Mouse story This Mummy's No Dummy.

Of course, no such pharaoh ever existed, especially in the days of Cleopatra, when Egyptian monarchs traditionally bore Greek names, rather than ones such as Snoozy's Tutankhamen-inspired mononym. Due to Snoozy's non-historicity, it is hard to divine what his relationship with Cleopatra is meant to have been; they are depicted as intimate enough that Cleopatra offers Snoozy figs during a trip down the Nile on Cleopatra's barge, but whether the idea is for them to have been consorts or siblings is unclear, as is whether Cleopatra already held the title of Queen while Snoozy still lived.

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