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Kit Cloudkicker is a young anthropomorphic bear and Captain Baloo's sidekick.


Kit Cloudkicker is a young orphan who once ran with Don Karnage's Sky Pirates, but eventually parted ways with them after witnessing the full extent of Karnage's villainy. After stealing with the, he crossed paths with Baloo, and the two bonded, with Baloo becoming a father figure of sorts to young Kit. The two also ended up working together as part of Higher for Hire, an air freight company run by Rebecca Cunningham, whom Kit also befriended along with her daughter Molly. The group would face various challenges in their business and daily ventures, running into the Sky Pirates and other foes and obstacles.

Behind the scenes

Kit was introduced in the TaleSpin pilot movie, Plunder and Lightning. His name was recycled from Kit Colby, a mouse character from the development of what would become Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers.

Voice actors