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Kit Colby is or was a talking (but rodent-sized) mouse.


According to one curious account, daring mouse adventurer Kit Colby was the leader of an team of do-gooders called the Rescue Rangers, quite similar to that later formed by Chip and Dale — the former of whom, in his capacity as a Rescue Ranger, dressed rather like Kit. What relationship Kit's Rangers had to the Chip'n'Dale version is unclear, especially as they supposedly shared a teammember (Gadget Hackwrench) even though Gadget, when she joined Chip'n'Dale's version, showed no signs of ever having been part of another, so very similar group. It is possible, though unconfirmed, that Colby's Rescue Rangers exist, or existed, in a parallel universe.

Behind the scenes

Kit Colby was one of the new characters conceived as potential players for the series that became Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers. Ultimately he was replaced as leader of the Rescue Rangers by Chip, who received his jacket.[1] Kit's first name would later be assigned to Kit Cloudkicker of TaleSpin, while his last name would be given to a one-shot Rescue Rangers character, Sir Colby.

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