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The Knight of the Living Dead is a popular nickname for the ghost of a man of unknown species.


In the mid-1980's, this haunted, cobweb-covered suit of armor had settled down in the Haunted Mansion. Residing in the Corridor of Doors, he delighted in bothering the guests, be it through threatening them with his axe, grabbing their wrists, or generally gesturing in a more or less spooky way. He has been seen in the Mansion on several special occasions since. 


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Behind the scenes

A live character played by a costume actor, the Knight was added to the Haunted Mansion attraction in Disneyland in 1985. The cast member playing the character wielded a remote control that could pause the entire ride for as long as he wished, in case something went wrong. 

However, he proved too startling for many guests, some of whom lurched out at him. His act was subdued and the axe removed, with the character now serving as a way to discourage any couples making out aboard the Doombuggies, but the gag had lost its spirit by then and the Knight character was eventually retired for budget reasons. He was briefly reinstated (once again played by one of the Cast Members who had played the Knight in his original run) in 1995 for the first edition of the Mickey's Halloween Treat event, alongside new walkaround characters, including the vampire Lord Ravenscroft, a Mummy, a Gravedigger, and one more currently-unidentified character. He reappeared for the same reason in 1996, in which year the Gravedigger was replaced with a Dead Groom, and Ravenscroft was traded for the Phantom, a Grim Reaper-like figure. The Knight was seen one last time in 1999 for the 30th anniversary; there exists film footage of this appearance.

The Knight is not to be confused with the Haunted Armor near the Endless Hallway, a similar, but separate haunted suit of armor from the Mansion, and the Ghost Knight from Ken Anderson's concept art (let alone the Beheaded Knight from the Graveyard scene). 

The non-canonical 2003 movie would go on to feature an entire hallway of malevolent ghost knights in armor, though none of them exactly resembles the Knight of the Living Dead and thus it may have been a mere coincidence.

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