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Kundari Kandam is a male dognose.


Once a friend of explorer Pangaea Toft and himself an explorer of some renoun, Kundari Kandam was more focused on fame and riches than his friends, a first clue as to his true nature. He revealed his true colors to all the others explorers but Pangaea when he abandoned them to drown in a flood to save himself. Back to civilization, Kandam claimed the others had died despite his best efforts to rescue them; he used this as a pretext to quit adventuring and, in the twenty years bridging that event and 2004, became a rich businessman selling "miracle health water" that was really just rebranded tap water.

In 2004, however, a note from the three presumed-dead explorers reached Mouseton, revealing they had survived and were awaiting rescue. Desperate not to have his secret come to light, and seeking for himself the treasure they had been looking for in that fateful expedition in 1984, Kandam followed Mickey Mouse, Eurasia Toft and Goofy's rescue mission, intent on murdering all of them if necessary. Naturally, that scheme failed (mostly thanks to Eurasia Toft) and instead exposed Kandam for the criminal he was; he was arrested as soon as they returned to America.

Behind the scenes

Kundari Kandam was only ever seen in the 2004 The Lost Explorers' Trail.