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LEGO Dimensions is a video game written by Jon Burton, Graham Goring and James McLoughin, and directed by Burton and McLoughin. A massive interdimensional adventure excusing a highly ambitious crossover, the game stars the trio of Batman, Wildstyle and Gandalf, with original characters Lord Vortech and X-PO as antagonists. Among the characters featured throughout the game are the Doctor, the Daleks and their Emperor, the Wicked Witch of the West, her Winkie Guards, Dorothy Gale, the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Woodsman and the Flying Monkeys, as well as many, many other crossover characters.

LEGO Dimensions is a large enough entity to have spawned a wiki dedicated to it, which you may visit for broader information about the game (as by nature, our coverage of its events will be centered primarily on the involvement of Prime Universe characters in the plot).


A malevolent overlord known as Lord Vortech is attempting to gather all Foundation Elements in his lair to gain complete mastery not just on his universe, but on the entire multiverse, with the help of other villains from a variety of worlds. However, he can only do so by weakening the fabric of reality itself, and it's soon up to the unlikely trio of a version of Batman, a version of Gandalf, and Wildstyle, to travel through the worlds and foil Vortech's schemes, making more friends along the way…


  • Lord Vortech's interference interrupts the events of The Wizard of Oz (1939) halfway through, catching Dorothy Gale and friends before they have reached the Emerald City.
  • The Wicked Witch of the West can once again be revived using her witch's hat, like in The Wizard of Oz - The Series (1990).

Behind the scenes

LEGO Dimensions was released in September of 2015 in its most straightforward form, though various new releases up till 2017 added new playable characters or even bonus levels.

The video game is construed here as a story, though it can also be played in non-narrative mode, jumping from one world to another with no care for continuity or the overarching story of fighting Lord Vortech.

Three shorts were released to tie in with the game's release, entitled Does it Come in Black?, When Monkeys Fly and Doctor, Doctor, Doctor.