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LEGO Princess - Share Your Story is a webcast stop-motion animated short featuring Ariel, Princess Aurora, Cinderella, Maleficent and Max the DogKing Triton is mentioned but remains unseen.


Ariel visits fellow Princesses Aurora and Cinderella (on vacation together in the country), bringing her father's Trident and her mischievous dog Max. Games are played, and the Trident is lost in the commotion… Who could have taken it?

Behind the scenes

This short was released on YouTube in December of 2018 on the official Disney YouTube channel.

Like many animated Lego products, it served as a commercial for the relevant toys. Due to its nature as a commercial rather than a "proper" animated short, it has no end credits, and the cast is thus at present unknown. However, due to the framing device (of two characters from the real world acting out the story with toys), it is clear that none of the characters are voiced by their traditional voice actors.