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Lahwhinie (various spellings exists) is a semi-anthropomorphic mouse who lives somewhere in Hawaii. She has a strong physical resemblance to Gadget Hackwrench.


Lahwhinie is manipulative, beautiful and ambitious; quite willing to put some innocent rodents in deadly danger rather than lose her coveted chance at being Queen of the tribe she lives with.

She is adored by her Hawaiian tribe of mice, due to her apparent ability to prevent the imminent eruption of a nearby man-made model volcano. In reality, she had simply discovered the mechanism (depicted as a valve of some sort) which disables the volcano, and built her hut around it. She has used this to gain power over the tribe.

The next step in her path to complete power over "her" tribe is to become Queen. In order to do this, she must first undergo a series of tests.

After a chance meeting, Lahwhinie convinces Gadget to face her trials in her place. So as not to alert the rest of the Rescue Rangers, she pretends to be Gadget.

Behind the scenes

Lahwhinie appeared in only one episode, Gadget Goes Hawaiian.