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Lake Titicaca is a 1942 short film initially released as part of the package film, Saludos Amigos, and later re-released as a stand-alone short in 1955.[1] It features Donald Duck as he tours the lake of the same name and surrounding areas.


American tourist Donald Duck visits Lake Titicaca in South America. After seeing a local boy use a flute to lead his llama, he eagerly trades his camera and hat for the llama, flute, and South American-style clothing. With his new llama, he embarks on a trek through the Andes, but the way proves quite treacherous, especially as Donald and his new purchase cross a small wooden bridge stretched between two mountains...

Behind the scenes

Lake Titicaca was originally released as a segment of Saludos Amigos on August the 24th, 1942. It was later released as a stand-alone short on February the 18th, 1955.[1] It was directed by Bill Roberts, with a story written by Homer Brightman and Roy Williams. Character animation was done by Milt Kahl, Milt Neil, and Bill Justice, while Joshua Meador handled effects animation. Charles Wolcott composed the music for the short, which starred Clarence Nash as Donald Duck.

The short was named after the real-life Lake Titicaca and features its Prime Universe counterpart. In the 1955 release, the full title on the title card read, Donald Duck Visits Lake Titicaca High in the Mountains of South America.

Notes and References

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