Land of Illusion is a video game directed by Yoshio Yoshida. It features Mickey Mouse, the Horned King, the King of Illusion, the Peasant Girl, the Toymaker, the Blacksmith, the Good Princess and the Evil Door.


After falling asleep in front of a magical book, Mickey Mouse is transported to a strange magical village where everything is dark and gloomy. A Peasant Girl explains that the village used to be protected by a magical crystal, but has now been taken over by a phantom who corrupted its power for his own ends, bringing misery to the land, before retreating to a bewitched castle in the clouds. Mickey, out of kindness, readily agrees to help retrieve the magical object from the clutches of the malevolent spirit… but before he can do so, he must travel through the Land of Illusion, breaking the phantom's curses and acquiring magical objects to help him in the final battle.

Behind the scenesEdit

Land of Illusion is the second game in the Illusion series, following Castle of Illusion, although its story is largely unrelated to the previous game's. The game was released in March of 1993 in a Game Gear version before a Master System version was created in June of 1993.

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