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The Land of Illusion is a hidden magical location.


Located in parts unknown (it is possible that it has a pocket dimension of its own), the Land of Illusion is a magical village bordering a body of saltwater, a desert and a mountain. It is home to various friendly people such as an eccentric toymaker, and is ruled by the King of Illusion and the Good Princess. The magical land is protected from harm by the Magic Crystal in the Princess's care.

In or before 1993, the Crystal was stolen by the shade of the Horned King, which allowed the newly-revived sorcerer to curse the land and its inhabitants. Later on, Mickey Mouse was somehow transported to the Land of Illusion through an enchanted book he'd been reading, and the brave mouse managed to defeat the Horned King and retrieve the Crystal.

Behind the scenes

The Land of Illusion was only ever seen in the 1993 Land of Illusion video game.