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The Laughing Ghost is a male spook who may once have been a human man.


This particular spirit is the last ghost to be encountered by visitors who take the regular tour of the Haunted Mansion, as he waits in the crypt through which mortals can exit the Mansion back into the living world, saying goodbye with one last throaty laugh as they leave.

According to one possibly-fanciful account of the Organ Banshees' origin by Victor Geist, the Laughing Ghost was originally the choirmaster of a children's choir which became the Banshees — a careless fellow always laughing at his own jokes and incapable of maintaining discipline among his pupils.

Behind the scenes

The Laughing Ghost is a minor figure from all versions of the Haunted Mansion ride, beginning with the original Disneyland one which opened in 1969.

Despite Preaching To The Choir (2010) identifying him as a separate ghost, it is often believed that the original intention was for the laughter to be Gus's.

Voice Actors

  • Candy Candido (all versions of the Mansion ride)