Launchpad McQuack is an anthropomorphic pelican.


Launchpad McQuack has been, since 1987, Scrooge McDuck's personal airpilot. Launchpad is an extremely talented flyer… except for one little detail, the landings. His allegedly reassuring slogan is: "If it's got wings, I can crash it." But Launchpad, for all his problem, his still a very lovable character and is very good friends with Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck, and also not on bad terms with Donald Duck himself. Launchpad McQuack has also always been a fan of the mysterious superhero Darkwing Duck. In 1991, he finally met Darkwing Duck (also discovering his secret identity, Drake Mallard) and became his sidekick. It is through him that Scrooge and Darkwing eventually met. Finally, Launchpad wears yet another mantle as a low-grading Junior Woodchuck moghol.

Behind the scenesEdit

Launchpad McQuack was created in 1987 for the DuckTales series. The executives had decided to only give Donald Duck a very small part, writing him out of most episodes (reportedly, this was so as not to outshine Scrooge with his popularity). However, the formula of Scrooge's adventure still required a bumbling father figure to the nephews, hired by Scrooge, to work; this was the reason for Launchpad's creation.

Voice ActorsEdit