Launchpad McQuack is an unofficial animated spot created by Dominik Bartosik as a homage to DuckTales 2017. It features Launchpad McQuack and Pixiu.


Launchpad McQuack, walking dejectedly along a bad day, realizes only too late that the dragon Pixiu is right behind him!

Behind the scenesEdit

This slapstick short was created by animators Dominik Bartosik and MaginPanic (who handled the fire effects) as a homage to DuckTales 2017 and posted on YouTube, in early July of 2018. According to Bartosik, Launchpad McQuack was animated using ToonBoom, famously also used on Legend of the Three Caballeros and certain scenes of DuckTales 2017.

Alongside 30 Things With DuckTales, the short shows that Pixiu, against all likelihood, survived the events of Woo-oo!.

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