The Law Robots are robots from a potential future timeline.


In one potential future timeline, the year 10156. on Earth will be home to bulky, heavily-armed Law Robots well-versed in all laws of their era, including laws concerning "crimes against time". Though formidable and imposing, the Law Robots will be easy to escape, as they are programmed to read out their whole charges to the accused before they even attempt to escape, giving them plenty of time to make a run for it.

When 2001's Donald Duck misused Gyro Gearloose's Travel-o-rama and accidentally collapsed elements from various places and eras into one mishmash reality, a patrol of Law Robots were among the strange and dangerous beings he encountered; the Robots immediately attempted to arrest and try him for his crimes against time. However, Donald took advantage of the Robots' very slow reading of the charges against him to escape into the wilderness.

He later came across a large group of Law Robots and other robots guarding a stock of 20th-century weapons from a herd of dinosaurs, but was careful not to catch their attention. Finally, Gyro Gearloose managed to pull Donald back to 2001 Earth; the aberrant timeline dissolved as all its elements (Law Robots included) were returned to their proper time periods.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Law Robots were only ever seen in the 2001 story Worlds Apart.

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