Leïla's Belt Buckle is a piece of advanced technology created and owned by supervillainess Countess Leïla, disguised as a belt buckle.



The Phantom Blot's Daughter's costume materialized by the Buckle.

Bearing the letters “FF” for unclear reasons, this belt buckle was augmented by Countess Leïla after her turn to villainy; by pressing it, she could make her Phantom Blot-esque costume materialize around her in an instant.

Behind the scenesEdit

Leïla's Belt Buckle appears at the climax of the 2006 story Daughter of the Phantom Blot.

It is unclear what the “FF” is supposed to stand for, though it may have been intended to be "Fille du Fantôme" (Daughter of the Phantom; in French, the Phantom Blot's name, Fantôme Noir, actually translates as “Black Phantom”, and the Blot is therefore sometimes referred to as "the Phantom" for short).

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