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Leaping Lizards are a type of alien lizard-like beings.


Friendly green beings about a foot long, who bear great resemblance to Earth lizards, Leaping Lizards are happy-go-lucky creatures native to the planet Zoa, who, as their name implies, move by bouncing and leaping about. The Lizards spend most of their time having fun leaping through the rubber-like roots of the Sarx Trees that are omnipresent throughout the planet. The vibrations they cause are essential to the Trees' life-cycle, as it causes them to pollinate.

Around 1980, Doeg started a movement who hunted Leaping Lizards as a hobby aboard custom vehicles known as Gravicycles. In doing so, they greatly endangered Zoa's entire ecosystem, and with it Zoaite civilization, as one of the consequences of Leaping Lizards being nearly wiped out was an infestation of Airiodactyls in inhabited regions. In the end, however, Mickey Mouse, Arbol the Naturalist and Goofy discovered the truth, foiled Doeg and his Hunters, and had Gravicycles outlawed, saving the Lizards and with them all of Zoa.

Behind the scenes

The Leaping Lizards appear in the 1980 story Mission to Planet Zoa.

Their name is, of course, a play on the popular exclamation "leapin' lizards!".