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Legend of the Three Caballeros is a 2018 animated series focusing on the adventures of the Three Caballeros, and centering around a mysterious magical atlas discovered by the three, which will help them in their fight against an evil wizard and his apprentice. Though a first season of 13 episodes has been released on the DisneyLife app, the show is inexplicably shrouded in mystery, and is not covered on usually-reliable websites such as IMDB and Wikipedia, though Steve Hullett knows something of the project. It is likely that the Walt Disney Company is saving up a big reveal in preparation of the series' debut in the United States.


The series apparently focuses on the Three Caballeros, Donald Duck, José Carioca and Panchito Pistoles, going on adventures all over the world as they take up the mantle of the original Three Caballeros. It has a colorful feel but is far from being as surreal as the original film. 

Featured CharactersEdit

List of episodesEdit

  1. Dope-a-Cabana
  2. Labyrinth and Repeat
  3. Pyramid-Life Crisis
  4. World Tree Caballeros
  5. No Man Is an Easter Island
  6. Stonehenge Your Bets
  7. Mount Rushmore Or Less
  8. Nazca Racing
  9. Mexico à Go-Go
  10. Mt. Fuji Whiz
  11. Thanks a Camelot
  12. Shangri-La-Di-Da
  13. Sheldgoose Square Dance


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