Leonardo Da Ginchy (Leonardo da Linci in the original Italian) was presumably a male human.


Leonardo Da Ginchy was a Renaissance painter. A contemporary of Leonardo Da Vinci, Da Ginchy was also his rival, but significantly less talented than him. Da Ginchy's output appeared to mostly consistent of attempts to recreate the famous Leonardo's most successful painting, the Mona Lisa. Nonetheless, Da Ginchy remains a respected painter in the modern day, to the point that there exist many copies of his most famous work, a portrait of Jonah Lisa.

Behind the scenesEdit

The portrait of Jonah Lisa attributed to "a relative of Leonardo Da Vinci first appeared n 1973 story Money is the Root of Upheaval. A different cash-in on the Mona Lisa, entitled the Rotunda, Leonardo Da Linci was first mentioned in 1997 story Chief Casey's Longest Night. Joe Torcivia's American localization of the 1973 story gave the name of Leonardo Da Ginchy to the unknown author of the Jonah Lisa, and, in his localization of the 1997 tale, he gave this same English name to Tito Faraci's "Da Linci", confirming that same character was also responsible for the Jonah Lisa.

Interestingly, the historical Leonardo Da Vinci's “da Vinci” title is not actually a family name, but rather an indication of birthplace; it is unclear if the same can be said of Leonardo Da Ginchy, who could be construed as coming from a town called “Ginchy”, though that is not a particularly Italian-sounding name.

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