Leota Helps Out is an semi-unofficial live-action short directed by Aristide Twain. It features Madame Leota and the Ghost Host.


After performing her usual incantations, Madame Leota is interrupted by the Ghost Host, who has lost his voice and needs her to fill in for him in the Stretching Room. Leota does so, eliciting multiple cheers and laughs; at the end of the spiel, she teleports back to the Séance Room, commenting that the audience obviously know the speech better than she does herself.

Behind the scenesEdit

The source of this short was two appearances by Pat Carroll at Spooky Empire, in May 2014 and 2015, where she publicly read the dialogue of Madame Leota and the Ghost Host.

In 2018, it was edited into a coherent movie (as Leota Helps Out) by Goblin Studios, with minor additional audio sampled from other works of Carroll's, and three lines by the Ghost Host spoken by Aristide Twain. It can be found on YouTube.

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