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Li'l Bulb is a male sentient robot, and is the 2017 Continuum's version of the Little Helper.


Li'l Bulb is a "helper robot" created by Gyro Gearloose. Like most of Gearloose's inventions, Li'l Bulb has an unfortunate tendency to go evil; in his case, going literally "mad with power" if the electric bulb that serves as his head is not the right voltage. Li'l Bulb's unveiling in 2017 in the Money Bin was a catastrophe, leading to Gyro shelving the "BulbTech" project and only keeping the original Li'l Bulb as his personal helper. However, his assistant Fenton had uploaded the blueprints to the Internet, from which they were copied by Mark Beaks, who then created a clone of Li'l Bulb, B.U.D.D.Y..

Behind the scenes

This version of Li'l Bulb first appeared in the opening credits of DuckTales 2017, starting with Woo-oo!. He formally debuted in The Great Dime Chase.