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Lieutenant Locator Fisher is a male lostralian


Fisher is a simple soul from the planet Lostralia, working as a Lieutenant Locator in the Lostralians' strange custom of fishing lost items out of Earth using Space Warps to keep them safe until whoever lost them is scheduled to find them again, at which point they are returned to their original location.

Having always dreamt of owning a dog (or, rather, "something small, furry and friendly"), Fisher abused his power in 1973 to abduct Mickey Mouse's dog Pluto. Mickey Mouse managed to travel to Lostralia himself and claimed his due from Fisher and the Locator Captain, and, out of sympathy for Fisher, gave him a teddy bear initially meant for Minnie Mouse, thus harmlessly fulfilling his dream of a small, furry companion.

Behind the scenes

Lieutenant Locator Fisher appears in the 1973 story Land of the Lost.