Lieutenant Penumbra is a female Moonlander from the 2017 Continuum.


An abrasive and joyless Lieutenant of the Moonlander Military, with a tendency to think of everything in terms of military might, always resort to violence as a solution to her problems, and assume everyone thinks as she does, Lieutenant Penumbra was a 'planet'-wide hero for her heroic struggle against the Moonmites by the time that, patrolling the Moon Desert with General Lunaris one day, she encountered the stranded Della Duck. The three fended off a Moonmite together, finally discovering the reason why the creatures had been attacking Moonlanders for generations.

Unlike Lunaris (who calculatingly saw a use to such a bright and effective “Earther” as an ally), Penumbra struggled to cover up her antagonistic feelings towards the Earthling, whom she saw as an enemy of the Moon by her sheer nature. However, Lunaris was able to persuade her to keep quiet for the time being; Lunaris was biding his time until Della finished patching up the Spear of Selene, intent on stealing its technology to build a space fleet with which he could lead the Moonlanders to war against Earth. When Lunaris revealed his plans, the table turned as Penumbra became the hesitant one, having, with time, come around to the idea that, albeit obnoxious, Earthlings may not be the treacherous monsters Lunaris made them out to be…

Behind the scenes Edit

Lieutenant Penumbra debuted in the 2019 DuckTales 2017 episode Whatever Happened to Della Duck?.

She bears remarkable similarity, both in appearance and in behavior, to Lord Dominator, which has become the main fuel for the theory that Dominator is in fact an exiled Moonlander.

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