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Ligeia the Siren

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''To be written'' ✍
|title1= Ligeia the Siren<br><small>(2017 Continuum)</small>
|image1= Ligeia.png
|caption1= Ligeia holding the [[Golden Fleece (2017 Continuum)|Golden Fleece]].
|species= Siren <small> ([[Anthropomorphic Duck]]) </small>
|residence= [[Ithaquack (2017 Continuum)|Ithaquack]]
|parents= [[Phorcys (2017 Continuum)|Phorcys]] <small>(?)</small>
|first_seen= May the 4th, 2018
|in= ''[[The Spear of Selene]]''
|index= '''''[[:Category:Ligeia_the_Siren_stories|Ligeia the Siren stories]]'''''
}}'''Ligeia''' is a female siren from the [[DuckTales 2017|2017 Continuum]].
Ligeia the Siren has a hypnotic voice that makes men do her bidding when she sings, though her speaking voice is surprisingly gravelly. She was employed by [[Zeus (2017 Continuum)|Zeus]] as part of the challenges on [[Ithaquack (2017 Continuum)|Ithaquack]], but was bribed in 2017 by [[Louie Duck (2017 Continuum)|Llewelyn "Louie" Duck]], who wanted to strike a partnership with her and use her talents for some presumably-unlawful getting-rich scheme.
==Behind the scenes==
Ligeia, based on the mythological figure of the same name, first appeared in ''[[The Spear of Selene]]'', the 12th episode of ''[[DuckTales 2017]]''.
====Voice Actors====
*[[Fred Tatasciore]] (<small>''[[DuckTales 2017]]''</small>)
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[[Category:Magical Beings]]
[[Category:Magical Creatures]]
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