Light-Proof Suits were high-tech invisibility-granting apparel invented by Professor Acme.


Light-Proof Suits were grayish bodysuits which, when a certain beam was activated at short range by another mechanical device, would turn themselves (and whoever was wearing them) invisible. They were created by the mad scientist Professor Acme, whose ambition soon became to take over the world using an invisible army; a dream which required the development of a longer-range activation beam, for which Acme needed funds.

The Professor thus proceeded to run a rather complex scam involving henchmen who used the Suits to disguise themselves as “Poltergeists”. Fortunately, as Acme and his gang were about to bamboozle billionaire Bernard Banknote, Mickey Mouse (who had discovered the scheme) sneaked into Acme's van and smashed the beam activator, rendering the suits useless, and their wearers quite visible to the perplexed security guards.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Light-Proof Suits appear in the 2003 story Poltergeist Panic.

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