NonDisney Lilathia is a female alien.


After her planet's two species stopped their generations-old war and left their homeworld behind, the temperamental Lilathia was the only member of her species to stubbornly remain and continue the fight, with Brutus as her counterpart from the other side. Their ongoing war turned into more of a neighborly feud as the two settled down in houses on two hills next to each other.

Lilathia and Brutus both owned Speedster Void Ships, leading them to attempt to end their conflict in 2019 on the basis of a multi-dimensional race. However, as refereed by a passing Marksmanship-522, the race ended in a tie, and Lilathia and Brutus found that this was all they could have hoped for; this feud was their life, and they were overjoyed to have an excuse to continue it forever. In thanks, Lilathia gave Marksmanship her Speedster, with which he returned to the Cupid Homeworld (she'd previously destroyed his Fog Ship to pressure him into acting as the arbiter of the race).

Lilathia and Brutus were later invited to a big party in the Cupid Homeworld to celebrate one Cupid saving the multiverse from the machinations of a splinter group of the Collective of the Retconning Crocodiles, who had acquired, and were planning to use, a Reality Bomb.

Behind the scenesEdit

Lilathia is one of the main guest characters of the 2019 story Marksmanship-522 and the Multi-Dimensional Race. She and Brutus later received a cameo in Multiverse Mayhem: A Multiple-Choice Cupid Caper.

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