Lillian Mouse, née Lillian O'Mouse, may be the name of a female anthropomorphic mouse who is or was the mother of Mickey Mouse.


The daughter of outlaw "Kid-Mickey" O'Mouse, Lillian O'Mouse married one Walter Elias Mouse. Together, they had a son, Mickey, and a daughter, Amelia. Although she was a loving and caring mother, Lillian was not much of a cook and reportedly always bought industrial cookies for Mickey, as she was unable to bake them herself.

She may be deceased in the present day.

Behind the scenesEdit

Mickey's mother was first mentioned in the 1939 cartoon Mickey's Surprise Party.

Although the name is unofficial, she is sometimes referred to by fans as "Lillian", in an allusion to Lillian Disney, Walt Disney's wife (with Mickey's father being named after Walt Disney himself).[1][2]

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