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Limpy Lambert”, often just called Limpy, is a male anthropomorphic dog.


A notorious and hardened criminal part of a wild-west gang, Limpy Lambert was as famous for his limp as for his ruthlessness. In 1962, bad luck made Goofy come to resemble Limpy Lambert so much that two robbers took Goofy for Lambert and tried to make the poor chap participate in a robbery, though this luckily ended with the capture of the evildoers.

Behind the scenesEdit

Limpy Lambert is repeatedly mentioned (but does not genuinely appear) in the 1962 story Do-Good Dude.

If he resembles Goofy so much, it is likely he is himself a "goofoid", e.g. a relative of the Goofy family, although he could only be a distant one, as Goofy did not know of him during the story.

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