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The Liquidator is a villain from the Darkwing Duck series.


The Liquidator is one of the most dangerous mutants in St. Canard. Not only does he possess the power of hydrokinesis, his body consists of nothing but water and the hydrokinesis applies to that too. He can change shape at will and whether objects go right through him or if he is effectively solid is up to him. Before the event that granted him this power, he was Bud Flood, the owner and spokesperson of a bottled water company. Already anything but a saint, he contaminated the water of the competition with various experimental concoctions. It's one of these concoctions mixed with water that transformed him into the Liquidator; a change he whole-heartedly embraced. His first course of action was to use his new abilities to make the whole of St. Canard dependent on his company and, though the businessman within him has never ceased to be, later he went for more direct forms of crime and even joined the Fearsome Five.

The Liquidator is voiced by Jack Angel.

Behind the scenes

The means by which the Liquidator obtained his powers and his aquatic nature itself resemble the Marvel Comics villain Hydroman.

A pitch for the never produced Justice Ducks series included the Liquidator as one of the many villains the heroic team would have faced, along with the other Fearsome Five members, Taurus Bulba, Major Synapse, Professor Moliarty, Tuskernini, and F.O.W.L.[1]