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The Little Helper, also known as Li'l Bulb, is a sentient robot.


The Little Helper's body was originally an old lamp belonging to Donald Duck. When Donald asked Gyro Gearloose to repair in 1952, it accidentally fell into one of Gyro's experimental "Thinking Boxes", devices that could grant objects and animals sentience; as a result, it absorbed Gyro's intelligence.

Soon given arms and legs and rid of his lampshade, the newly created Little Helper proved to be extremely heroic and efficient, and quickly became a friend for Gyro, although he could not speak English, due to his head being a (mouthless) lightbulb. As his name implies, the Little Helper's main function is to help Gyro in his experiments, and it is often needed. Due to being a partial copy of Gyro's mind, the Helper is as creative and intelligent as him, but his mechanical side makes him more calm and collected; this allows him to fix his creator's mistakes behind his back, something Gyro rarely realizes.

Behind the scenes

The Little Helper was first seen in Carl Barks's 1956 story The Cat Box.