Little Thinkle Star is a planet located near the Solar System, possibly around the star Alpha-Zen-Tauri.


Appearance and WildlifeEdit

Little Thinkle Star is, despite its name, a rocky planet. It is located close enough to the Solar System that Gyro Gearloose could reach it in a matter of hours in one of his custom spaceships. Little Thinkle Star's only known biozone is a large brown-colored desert only adorned by stalagmite-like formations atop which nest a strange species of bird-like creatures, the Hmm-ing Birds. Little Thinkle Star's atmosphere, while not strikingly different in pressure from that of Earth, was apparently not advisable for an Earth creature to breathe for extended periods of time, though the reverse is apparently not true as the Hmm-ing Birds could survive in Earth's atmosphere.


Gyro Gearloose discovered Little Thinkle Star in the 1960's, presumably naming it in the process. There, he discovered the Hmm-ing Birds, and decided to bring three back home: Leonard, Albert and Walt. He later harvested the aura of intellectual concentration radiated by the fowls and used it for his Thinking Cap. In 1965, when the Beagle Boys stole his original Thinking Cap, Gyro was forced to return to Little Thinkle Star to capture more Hmm-ing Birds, allowing him to build a new Thinking Cap to outsmart the villains. On this trip, he found the population of Hmm-ing Birds had collectively decided to abandon their earlier nests and move into higher-placed ones. It is possible that a new type of predator had arrived in-between trips to justify this behavior.

Behind the scenesEdit

Little Thinkle Star was only ever seen in the 1965 story Brainstorm Battle.

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