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The Locator Captain is a male lostralian


An alien from the planet Lostralia, this easily-angered, tall, flamboyantly-dressed man worked as a Locator Captain in 1973, in the Lostralians' strange custom of fishing lost items out of Earth using Space Warps to keep them safe until whoever lost them is scheduled to find them again, at which point they are returned to their original location.

This Locator Captain was the direct supervisor of Lieutenant Locator Fisher, and witnessed Fisher's egregious abuse of power in abducting Mickey Mouse's dog Pluto through a Space Warp. Seemingly all bark and no bite however, the extent of the Captain's wrath was to order Fisher to cancel all his actions, with no harsher punishment than a stern talking-to (or shouting-to, as it were).

Behind the scenes

The Locator Captain appears in the 1973 story Land of the Lost.