Locksley McDuck was an anthropomorphic duck.


In 1707, the McDucks tried to reclaim their ancestral castle in Dismal Downs, when England and Scotland were officially merged into a single United Kingdom. However, it turned out that the Duke of Montrose had paid the back taxes on the castle and were now the legal owner. The clan laird, Locksley McDuck, decided to join rebelling outlaw Rob Roy to battle evil landlords such as Rob Roy. The partnership was, however, short-lived, for once they had robbed the rich, Locksley refused to conform to the proper Robin Hood tradition and give to the poor. The date and circumstances of Locksley McDuck's death are unknown, but his ghost is among the various McDuck ghosts haunting Castle McDuck.

Behind the scenesEdit

Locksley was created by Don Rosa for the cut prologue of The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck, The History of the Clan McDuck.

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