Long-Forgotten Haunted Mansion, or simply Long-Forgotten, is a well-researched blog by Dan Olson concerning the Haunted Mansion.


Recognized as one of the greatest authorities on the behind-the-scenes history and inspirations of the Haunted Mansion rides, Long-Forgotten spun-off from the Long-Forgotten Haunted Mansion Effect Thread (on MiceChat), a thread that had started off as an attempt to explore the background of a particular forgotten effect from the ride and ended up as a gargantuan thread for researching and discussing the history and origins of various elements of the Mansion.

Long-Forgotten uncovered the origins of most characters and effects in the ride, and has been the origin of the now-accpted nicknames of many characters from the Haunted Mansion, such as Purply Shroud.

Behind the scenes

Long-Forgotten Haunted Mansion is a fanmade blog hosted by Blogspot.

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