Lord Dominator is a female alien from beyond the Yonder Galaxy.


A vindictive and immature alien girl from way, way out in space, Lord Dominator (who chose her male-sounding name and armor for the sake of messing with people) is a petty troublemaker with access to phenomenal cosmic power in the form of advanced destructive technology. Her favorite pastime is destroying galaxies. In Earth's 21st century, she was finally defeated, as she was prevented from destroying the Yonder Galaxy by Wander and his friends and her spaceship was destroyed. As typical of her character, Dominator stormed off the Galaxy like an angry teenager, never to be seen there again. She eventually ended up on the planet Earth, where she was crashed into, and later nursed back to health, by a Launchpad McQuack unaware of her true nature.

Behind the scenesEdit

Lord Dominator first appeared in 2014 in The Rider, and subsequently appeared all throughout the Wander Over Yonder series. She presumably does not have a counterpart in the main universe.

According to Francisco Angones, she was set to play a part in the cancelled third season of Wander Over Yonder; also according to Angones, he would have featured Dominator in DuckTales 2017 in the unlikely event that he had been allowed to do so by the producers[2]. Angones was nonetheless able to confirm Wander Over Yonder and DuckTales 2017's sharing a universe through his approval of the short fancomic, Launchpad McQuack Meets Lord Dominator.


Dominator's species has been a subject of much theorizing within the fandom. An early, though largely discredited theory held her to be a “Star Wanderer“, a member of Wander's own species. This idea was referenced in the episode The Legend, as one of the kooky theories made up about Wander by in-universe fans of his holds that Dominator is actually Wander's estranged sister. It must be noted however that Dominator resembles a Star Wanderer only in places; she is much taller than one, has more humanoid proportions, and lacks fur.

Following the Moonlanders' debut in Whatever Happened to Della Duck?, there has been heavy speculation that Dominator is instead an exiled Moonlander, as she looks stunningly like one (and even shares mannerisms and quirks of language with prominently-featured Moonlander Lieutenant Penumbra); the only notable difference is the eyes, as Dominator's are red with black pupils whereas the two confirmed Moonlanders' are black with pale pupils. Though inhabiting the 2017 Continuum's Yonder Galaxy, Dominator has repeatedly been stated to come from another galaxy, which could well be the Milky Way. If the theory is correct, this would provide an interesting parallel between Dominator and her rival Lord Hater, who canonically originates on Earth (though even he may have forgotten it).

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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