Lord Felldrake

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Lord Felldrake Sheldgoose, or simply Lord Felldrake, is an immortal anthropomorphic gander.


A wealthy nobleman who still hungered for power, cantankerous Lord Felldrake Sheldgoose became a powerful sorcerer and attempted to take over the world in the early 19th century; he had trapped Xandra, the Goddess of Adventure, into a Magical Atlas, and used her powers to travel all over the globe and recruit monsters, gathering a supernatural army. The original Three Caballeros stole the Atlas from him, and, befriending Xandra, managed to defeat Felldrake, who ended up trapped inside his own magical staff. Though still capable of speech and spellcasting, the staff couldn't move about on its own, and so the Caballeros were content to bury it beneath Sheldgoose Manor.

In 1943, Felldrake's descendant, stuffy Baron Von Sheldgoose, stumbled upon the secret entrance to the basement where the Staff was hidden. Felldrake, meeting his descendant, lured him to his service with offers of riches and power, and made him his apprentice. Opposed by the new Three Caballeros, descendants of the originals, Felldrake and the Baron once again toured the world in search of ways to restore Felldrake to full power and then conquer the universe. Things came to a head with a climactic cosmic battle, in which Felldrake was predictably defeated. The Caballeros attempted to seal Felldrake back in the staff, but Von Sheldgoose broke the staff at the last moment in an effort to free Felldrake; instead, as the emprisoning magic had already taken root, Felldrake's soul still ended up trapped, but now within the body of Sheldgoose. The two head off to visit "an old friend", implied to be the Russian witch Baba Yaga.

Behind the scenes

Lord Felldrake serves as the main antagonist of Legend of the Three Caballeros, released in 2018.

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