Lord Hater is a former ape turned supernatural undead skeleton from the 2017 Continuum's Yonder Galaxy.


Once a NASA test monkey known as “Monkeyboy”, Lord Hater came to the Yonder Galaxy in unknown circumstances and was transformed into a fully sentient, talking skeleton-man with lightning abilities. He subsequently wasted no time in establishing himself as one of the Galaxy's top villains, conquering planet after planet with his army of Watchdogs in the hope of becoming “the Greatest in the Galaxy”. However, Hater is at heart extremely insecure, a fact known only to Wander (who has his mind set on becoming Hater's best friend, despite Hater's insistence that they are in fact archenemies); he is also not at all as incompetent as he seems, most of his failures having to do with his emotions getting the better of him.


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Behind the scenes

A main character of the Wander Over Yonder series, Awesome appeared in its very first episode, The Picnic.

Interestingly, Hater was first developed by Craig McCracken separate from Wander's universe and story, around 2009, as a much younger and thinner character.

Voice Actors

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