Lord Leopold Lioneyes, nicknamed the Laughing Lord or Leo, is an anthropomorphic dog.


Nicknamed the “Laughing Lord” due to his ever-smiling demeanor and ability to laugh at anything (including setbacks to his own plans), the extremely wealthy English nobleman Leopold Lioneyes has nothing even resembling moral standards when it comes to potential paths to profit, and considers the extermination of entire animal species a perfectly sane business tactic to drive up prices. A self-described “Renaissance man”, Lioneyes is aslo a competent inventor and a musician. Lioneyes first crossed paths with Magica De Spell and Gladstone Gander when they foiled his plan of using the Musical Machine he had devised to draw magical creatures from all over the world to the Cave of the Winds and then slaughter them for profit. The villain subsequently vowed revenge upon the two. 

Behind the scenesEdit

Lord Leopold Lioneyes first appeared in 2019 in Sarah Jolley's Trial of the Unicorn.

According to Jolley, in her original draft for the story, his motivation was significantly different, as he was not a corrupt and amoral businessman but an obsessive scientist, who wished to exterminate magical creatures and chimeras so that they would no longer defy the "proper" classifications of living beings.

She has further stated that she intends to bring “Leo” back as a recurring villain, now bent on getting his revenge on Magica and Gladstone for ruining his plans.

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