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Lord Maliss was a human man.


A medieval sorcerer and the brother of the witch Grimhilde, Lord Maliss used his dark magic to stay alive for a millenium,[1] much like Grimhilde herself. Always more unhinged than her, Maliss harbored affection for one person only, and that was Grimhilde herself. In truth, Maliss was more outwardly powerful than Grimhilde, having numerous magical powers (such as turning into a dragon) where Grimhilde is, for the most part, a mere sorceress relying on potions and such.

In 1937, Maliss decided to visit his sister and made his way to her ruined castle. There, he found the castle in ruins and Grimhilde's goons and other henchmen lying idle; he soon learnt that his sister was presumed dead (which was actually false). Now obsessed with vengeance, Maliss went after those responsible in his eye: Snow White and Prince Florian. In a mockery of his handsomeness, Maliss cursed Florian into the form of a goon-like, mute wretch.

He then tried to capture Snow White, intending to use his Cape of Petrification on her and place her petrified body as a decoration in the castle (which he'd repaired and claimed for himself). However, Snow White managed to escape from him on his first attack. She later returned to the castle with her new friends, the Seven Dwarfelles. Even then, she was almost captured and petrified by Maliss, but one of the Dwarfelles, Thunderella, distracted Maliss long enough to allow the Princess to throw the Cape back at him. In a last-ditch effort to save himself, Maliss attempted to transform into his dragon form, but only succeeded in getting his final petrified shape to be that of a grotesque hybrid of his human and draconic forms.

Behind the scenes

Lord Maliss was created in the 1990 film Happily Ever After.

Voice Actresses

  • Malcolm McDowdell (Happily Ever After)

Notes & References

  1. Since this is known of his sister, it is unavoidable that the same must be true of Maliss.