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Lord Ravenscroft was a human who is now vampire.

Description Edit

A haughty 19th-century nobleman turned vampire, Lord Ravenscroft is an elegant, gentlemanly vampire with a mysterious edge and an unidentified Eastern-European accent. He is also a bit cheeky, using humor as well as charm when trying to a seduce a potential victim.

He arrived at the Haunted Mansion at some point before the mid-1990's, and appointed himself 'physical' host of the Mansion (competing the more ethereal Ghost Host). Though he could normally be found dwelling in the Conservatory and other parts of the house, he was, at least once, led to get out of the House, and ended up lingering there for a while waiting for someone to invite him back in (as vampires can only enter a house when invited to do so), passing the time by greeting guests and looking for potential victims among them.

It is unclear if Ravenscroft had any connection to the composer Ravenscroft, who supposedly wrote Grim Grinning Ghosts.

Behind the scenes Edit

A live character played by a costumed actor, Lord Ravenscroft was added to the Haunted Mansion in 1995 (alongside a Mummy, the Coach Driver, the return of the Knight of the Living Dead, and an unidentified fifth character) as part of the Park-wide Halloween event.

When the event was revived the next year, Lord Ravenscroft was replaced with a Grim Reaper-like figure, the Phantom (unrelated to the Phantom Manor Phantom), also played by Ian Christiansen (now host of the YouTube channel Opinian).

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