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This page describes content which, while legally created, was not licensed by the Walt Disney Company. Lord Vortech is a man of unknown (but possibly mystical) nature; though he came from some other, unknown universe, he was best-known to be ruler of Foundation Prime.


A mysterious villain with the ability to open vortexes to other dimensions, Lord Vortech's lifelong ambition has been to take over, not just his home universe, but the entire multiverse. To do so, he spent years traveling across dimensions (so much so that it began to take a toll on his own physical consistency), in the hope of reaching Foundation Prime and gathering the Foundation Elements there. This would allow him to collide all existing universes into one single world which he could then reshape to his will.

Though Vortech eventually found Foundation Prime (with the help of robot X-PO) and made his base there, the Elements had been scattered throughout a variety of universes, and Vortech could no longer afford to travel there to collect them himself. Thus, he formed a new scheme, using his vortex-making abilities to recruit numerous villains from various universe (including the Joker, the Wicked Witch of the West or the Dark Lord Sauron) to gather them for him. However, thanks to the effort of an interdimensional team of hero (led by the unlikely trio of Wildstyle, Batman and Gandalf), Vortech's plans were foiled, the multiverse was saved, and the man himself was sucked by one of his own out-of-control vortexes into a sealed prison dimension.

However, contrary to the heroic trio's assumption, it may be that the prison was not so perfect — as it seems that Vortech was able to possess some unfortunate passerby who happened to touch a part of his armor that he had dropped in Foundation Prime before his defeat, cackling evilly as he took over this unknown person's body…

Behind the scenes

Lord Vortech was created as the main antagonist of the crossover video game LEGO Dimensions, and is (alongside X-PO) one of the very few characters in Dimensions not tied to a preexisting franchise. Likely connected to this situation is the fact that Vortech's world of origin is never identified in the game.

However, Vortech was a take-off on popular "crisis crossover" villains as are commonly found in superhero, fantasy and science-fiction works. Vortech thus has traits from such character as the Anti-Monitor, Omega, Loki and Sauron. He also has the ability to turn into a larger, more monstrous form for the video game boss battles — an ability common in video game enemies, but also exhibited by many famous Disney villains, such as Jafar and Ursula.

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