Losing Face is a comic story written and drawn by Carl Barks. It features Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck. Aunt Matilda is also mentioned, and a statue of Senator Snoggin is prominently featured.


On a holiday trip, Donald doesn't want to go anywhere near Big Head National Park (where the giant head of Senator Snoggin has been carved on Mount Mushmore). At Daisy's insistance, he finally explains that earlier in the year, while working at Big Head Park, he greatly damaged the statue after a series of wacky shenanigans and fled the park before the officials could catch him, and he doesn't want to take any chances.

Behind the scenesEdit

This story was first published in 1957 in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #204. It was later reprinted in the Australian Walt Disney's Comics #139 and then in Walt Disney's Comics #256, where it received its title Losing Face. Back in the United States, it was reprinted in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #469 and then in both versions of the Carl Barks Library.

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