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The Lost Characters were zombie-type creatures created by the Shadow Blot.


During its brief return to full strength in 2010, the Shadow Blot absorbed many inhabitants of the Wasteland into its gigantic Storm Blot form after spraying them with Magical Thinner. Not quite dead, but not healthy either, the unfortunate victims became trapped inside the Shadow Blot's body, converted into Blotling-like creatures with the minds of particularly slow zombies.

When they entered the Shadow Blot's body to retrieve Mickey's Heart, Mickey Mouse, Gremlin Gus and Oswald Rabbit encountered several Lost Characters, whom the Blot was attempting to use as life-sized "antibodies". To his horror, Mickey discovered that neither Paint nor Thinner had any effect on them, but they were slow enough that he outran them and got to the Heart before they could stop him. After the Shadow Blot blew up, the Lost Characters progressively returned to their former selves and eventually made a full recovery.

Known Lost Characters

Behind the scenes

The Lost Characters only ever appeared in Epic Mickey.