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Lost in the Jungle is a comic strip continuity written by Jean-Paul Jennequin and drawn by Philippe Larbier. It features Donald Duck, Fethry Duck, Gyro Gearloose, the Little Helper, Easter Bells, and, in his debut, Fred, the Time Traveler.


Lost through the jungle looking for a treasure on behalf of Scrooge McDuck, Donald and Fethry encounter another lost traveler — an eccentric time traveler from the Z7th century, who answers to the name of Fred!


  • Gyro Gearloose mentions having built "a couple of time machines" in the past, but he and Donald Duck conspicuously change the subject when asked if they worked correctly. Naturally, a number of stories before and since, including The Time Machine series and The Once and Future Duck, have revolved around malfunctioning time machines built by Gyro. 

Behind the scenes

In the mould of vintage comic strips, this comic was released in seven parts from Le Journal de Mickey #2494 to #2501. Taking over the Donald Speaks English segment of the book, it was written printed in English despite the book being French; it has not been reprinted anywhere to this day. Oddly, INDUCKS accounts for this story as seven individual strips, ignoring the continuing storyline. 

Two of the parts contain allusions to the date of their printing: the one published in the special Easter issues features Easter Bells, and the second-to-last part of the story, which features Fred taking the Ducks to the 2500th century, was the one printed in Le Journal de Mickey #2500.