Lostralia is a planet located somewhere in the Prime Universe.


A telluric planet, which, going by Lieutenant Locator Fisher's simplistic diagram (see above), appears to be slightly larger than Earth, Lostralia is home to the Lostralians, an advanced civilization of green-skinned humanoids who take great interest in Earth.

Strolling Through Lostralia

Mouse and Fisher strolling through a typical Lostralian landscape, in 1973.

Due to the Lostralians' activities, most of Lostralia acts as a giant warehouse of lost Earth items, safely stored until they can be returned to their planet of origin. In various locations, the Lostralian soil has been shown to be light blue or yellowish, while the Lostralian sky appears a darker shade of blue than the Earth's own.

Behind the scenesEdit

Lostralia is the setting of much of the 1973 story Land of the Lost.

Its name appears to be a pun between "Lost" and the real-life continent of Australia.

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