Lostralians are a species of alien, sentient humanoid beings.

Description[edit | edit source]

Lostralians are the native inhabitants of the planet Lostralia. Though showing the same sort of variety in their ranks as Earthlings (suggesting several species or subspecies), with some individuals having pig-like snouts and other dog-like noses, all Lostralians share the same bluish-green skin color, adipose silhouette, and strange mask-like protuberance around their eyes.

Lostralians possess very advanced technology (allowing them to manipulate Space Warps at will and foretell future events to an unclear extent). It seems that they either possess Universal Translators, or have come to speak English as a result of their interference with Earth. Lostralians display a rather eccentric dress sense by Earth standards, with high collars and purple aplenty.

For reasons clear only to themselves, they consider it their sacred duty to pluck lost objects from Earth and keep them safe and sound on Lostralia until the scheduled time for the object's owner to find it, at which point it is returned to its original location. This is achieved through a military-like chain of command of Locators, whose daily lot is to use Space Warps to locate and obtain the lost objects.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The Lostralians appear in the 1973 story Land of the Lost.

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