Lucky Land was a comic story drawn by Tony Strobl. It features Goofy and Mickey Mouse.


After Goofy inherited 200 dollars from his uncle, he treats Mickey to a meal at a Chinese restaurant. However, a corrupt real estate salesmen overhears Goofy's wealth and formulates a plan to scam him. Posing as a friendly and helpful man, the salesmen befriends Goofy and sales him "Winter Fairyland" for all of his recently gained wealth. Overjoyed, Goofy goes straight to Mickey's house to share the good news. Mickey however, is suspicious and the two go to confront the salesmen about it, only to find he's away in Florida. Afterwards, the two go to check out the land Goofy purchased only to find out it was a sham. However, after discovering a small lake, Mickey finds a way to make the most of the land.

Behind the scenesEdit

The story was first printed in the December of 1952 in Mickey Mouse #28. It has since been reprinted in Australia in Walt Disney's Comics #85 and Mickey Mouse #150.

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